I’m looking specifically at building little robots, but I know that a lot of projects are made that much cooler if they’re not tethered to a wall outlet. Little lithium polymer batteries would be perfect for little projects, but I haven’t been able to find many suppliers. Sparkfun is the only one I’ve found that has the right idea: … n=products … ts_id=8818

I think they could be sourced cheaper considering there’s lithium ion batteries in most modern electronics like cell phones and mp3 players so they’re definitely mass-produced. In any case, I think it’d be an attractive offering.

I’d infact agree they are very handy (if a little dangerous if not treated properly).

They are also very cheap these days, lithium batties (from a smart phone for instance) only runs a few dollars. The charging circuit and interface are a little more.


[edit] I’d also push for a laptop like battery inface for long-term usage/robots. 6-9 Cells usually only cost about $60-100 which is very reasonable considering what they can do

We have concern on the shipping of batteries…
That’s why we haven’t prepared any stock of them althought there are abundant supply. :frowning:

Maybe you could consider stocking the charger or aruino shields which could suppott a battery that could be purchased elsewhere?

That may be a good tradeoff :slight_smile: