Basic Guide to Seeduino Film please!

Hi there,

Could someone please provide me with basic details about how to program the Seeduino Film?

Can I use one of these USB-Serial Adapters to program it ?

What settings do I need in the Arduino IDE to program the Film?

I don’t really understand the charging instructions for the Film. Could someone elaborate?


No, As USB to Serial 9-Pin Male Adaptor is 12v Level, it is not compatible with Seeeduino film 3.3v Level.
If you have any 3.3V Level USB to Serial device, you can connect as:
Serial device <–>Seeeduino Film
But we recommend you use our UartSB to program Seeeduino Film.
Here it is:

Please select the Arduino Pro or Pro Mini (3.3V, 8 MHz) w/ ATmega168 board.

Seeeduino Film has a max1555 li-ion charger.
plug li-ion battery to BAT connector, and plug 5v power to CHG connector, MAX1555 will charge the li-ion battery as well.
And the battery we send with Film can keep Film work more than 24 hours in power save mode.

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Hi Albert thanks for getting back to me.

Could I somehow use an Duemilanove Arduino to to provide the 3.3v serial level for programming the film?

Alternatively is there any other device that might give me the 3.3v serial for programming?


Hello All,

The Instructable and garden wiki may be useful: … e_Tutorial … n-Capture/