Base Shield - Could I use it with all of this at same time ?


As I want to buy a Seeeduino Ethernet I need first to know if I may connect on it a Relay Shield v2.0 then also put on this Relay Shield v2.0 a Base Shield v1.2.

After that as we can see on the wiki pages you often talk about D5 and D6 sensors. But As I want to buy those (here below) sensors I need to know if I may put all of them in the same time on this Base Shield 1.2. I want then to know if I may use all of those sensors in the same time on this base shield 1.2 :

Sincerely thanks for your quick answer.

Miguipda :wink:

So, can you use them at the same time ?

Grove sensors use either 3 or 4 pins.
Have a look on the wiki for each sensor and determine how many pins they use.
(Check the photos too).

If the pins are labelled GND,VCC,NC,SIG or something similar, the NC stands for Not Connected.
ie. you have a 3 pin sensor.

If you see GND,VCC,SDA,SCL it’s a 4 pin sensor.

Each socket on the Base Shield shares a pin with the adjacent socket.
Socket D5 contains digital pins 5 + 6
Socket D6 contains digital pins 6 + 7
Socket D7 contains digital pins 7 + 8

Why? Because most sensors use 3 pins and it’s to waste less pins.

If your sensor uses 4 pins and you plug it into D5, do not plug anything into D6, next sensor goes in D7.

If all of your sensors use 3 pins, you can safely plug them into adjacent sockets.