Base Shield + breadboard?

Hello everyone.

Today have got the Grove Base Shield and some modules for it. I’m still a newbie, so there are some things which I’m not sure in. Is it possible to use some sensors on Grove and some stuff on the breadboard (as LED or something like this) at the same time? Fox example, if the digital pin 10 in the center of the Base Shield isn’t used, can I use the pin 10 at the edge of the shield to connect it to the breadboard? And can I normally use the 5V and GND when some sensors are plugged into the shield?

And one more question. Can the Grove Base and the GPRS shield be used at the same time? What pins does the GPRS shield use, and what pins must be free on the Base Shield when using the two shields simultaneously?


hi~ welcome to Arduino World!!
in one word , if a pin hadn’t been used, you can use it anyway. of curse you can use 5V and GND when sensors are plugged into the shield

about gprs shield,
d0, d1, d7, d8, d9 are used, you can’t use those pin.

but if you use hardware serial to control gprs shield , d7 and d8 are available.

Ok, thanks! :slight_smile: