Barometric Pressure Sensor Array Used In High Power Vacuum System

We are constructing a 330 foot long (100m), 8" diameter, high power vacuum system for moving seaweed from the beach. The system will have 7 to 10 wifi controlled proportional valves for air induction, spaced 33 feet (10m) apart, and controlled based on measurements from 7 to 10 barometric pressure sensors placed 16.5 feet (5m) between the valves.

Can seven to ten SenseCap Barometric Pressure Sensors be configured to transmit every second, and the gateway configured to receive the simultaneous measurements? I realize this is an unconventional use of this device and LORAWAN protocol, but I cannot seem to find any other wireless barometric pressure sensors other than outdated Bluetooth 4.0 (problematic).

Batteries can be replaced daily. This is not an issue

Hi @bcjohnjr
Our SenseCap Barometric Pressure Sensors can’t be configured to transmit every second and the service does not support. The highest frequency is every 5 minutes.

LoRaWAN is not suitable for (near) realtime transmissions of data, like every second.
There is a limit on the datarate.