Bad Sensor on Sipeed MAix Amigo

I have burned the latest firmware to my new Sipeed Maix Amigo and loaded the example The code loads and I can see a blurry image but it is orange and washed out on one side. Please advise.

Hi @david.longley
Please confirm you have update the latest 0.51version firmware.
Please check your firmware version of the MaixPY.

Yes, I have burned that version of the firmware. Still the same distortion on the left of the sensor. I am fairly sure the sensor is defective. Please advise.

Hi @david.longley
Please try this LCD example to eliminate the camera hardware problem, it should be that the power supply is not configured.

Due to the design of the Amigo power management circuit, the output voltage of the PMU AXP173 needs to be configured to use the camera normally.

Hi David, Iā€™m another Seeed Studio customer.

I found that changing line 14 in your screen shot from:




solved my sensor reading issue. I think the RGB 565 format was for a different camera or board than the Amigo.

I had the same initial problem. Hope this helps!

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Execute maixpy script board solved this problem

Thanks bcahya!

What is the URL to this script?


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