!!!BAD Customer support ignor 5 reminder for over a month!!!

HI seeddstutio custoemr support staff.
Refer techsuppot#13078, your last reply ended up with below comment on Aug27 and since then
I have been sending 5 times reminder still you’ve been ignoring it. What’s happening on this
customer suppert, zhangkun. First a few reply were normal but then no reply for 5 times of reminder?
I really reglet to have deal with this company which I first had good impression when I bought a DSO nano V2.
I am kindly asking warranty replacement for this DSO quad since the guy hasn’t been reply for such a long reply.
I am needing this tool and need replacement. I’ve been waiting for such long without any reply.

For detailed information, read throughly all the re-mail corresponding of tecnical support #13078 in your company e-mail.

From: techsupport@seeedstudio.com
To: ozhide66@hotmail.com
Subject: [#13078] Technical Support – DSO quad, chA DC input
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 11:08:37 +0800

Dear ozhide66@hotmail.com,

A customer support staff member has replied to your support request, [#13078] Technical Support – DSO quad, chA DC input with the following response:

I am happy to hear this. In fact, it is strange that it can work normally a few days, but before CHA cannot work. I will test my DSO Nano and try to find the true reason.

Best Regards,

Hi Ozhide,

So sorry to hear that,since our customer service don’t pay attention to our forum before,which result in the late reply,sincerely sorry for this,if the problem still not been solved,please kindly send a direct email to order at seeedstudio,we will solve it for you timely.

Please accept our sincere apologize again,we also will keep an close eye on our forum in the future.

Hey @Ozhide,

This is Liao and i am the marketing director at Seeed.

Actulally, Zhangkun is not charge for the customer service. However, we don’t provide a clear contact window and make you wait for such a long time. It is our fault. I already forward this to your customer service team. They will contact you for a replacement soon.

Leslie Liao

Thanks seeed studio support staff.
I finally received a reply from shanyuan.yang@seeedstudio.com on Nov27th and he told me he will
arrange replacement shortly. It was surprising contacting me after several months of no reply and
told me for replacement. I haven’t told it’s shipped but anyway thank you very much, really appreciate it.


We are committed to provide a good customer service. It is a pity that we still made quite lots of mistakes.

Thanks for the understanding. We will try best to improve.

Cusomer support staff,
Thank you very much for sending a replacement. I finally recieved it today, January 7th.
Well, about the replacement, it is looked like refrubished one. no protection film for both display and
back side and also when I opened battery cover, I found little damage on battery cover locking part.
It doens’t look like brand new. and +/- and <-> navigators, they works slipping very much, even I made
only one click to a side, it beeps several times instantly and jumping to several steps next to. It’s hard to
Actualy my original purchase was hardware version 2.7b but what I recieved is 2.6. I liked the latest
frimware of 2.7b and got used to use so now it’s little bit trouble to getting use to use version 2.6 with
latest firmware.

Anyway, I appreciated customer suppot attempted to solve this issue by sending a replacement.
It looked like refurbished unit and hardware version was older than my original purchased one but still better
than nothing for me. I’d like to say thank you for it.

just to be fair, leave a reply how it reached to closed point.
After several e-mail correspondings, we accorded refund by coupon when return
shipment from me was received at seedstudio.
Shipping Lipo battery is regally not good though, anyway I could ship it out and
was received so seed could provide me a coupon code with return shipment valied for a year.
It took a few month to reach that point though. still better than accepting such situation meekly.
Since I’ve posted this topic and caught a person who would take care of this matter, it went quite
smooth and had prompt and reliable communication. thanks Cherry, 杨珊元.
hopefully seed will have such better customer support as normal operation.
I am still keep my eyes on dso quad not to lose the chance to use the coupon.
Anyway, thanks. Cherry. I can close this topic.