AzureGroveKit app not working with TPM Emulator

When running AzureGroveKit on a Raspberry PI 3 with Windows 10 IoT Core version 10.0.16299.309 I keep getting the following error after clicking Run:

Please fill Device ConnectString (From Azure) on TPM

Though TPM has been setup as Software TPM Emulator(NoSecurity) using a correct ConnectString from Azure IoT Hub (this string was succesfully used with the default Windows 10 Quick-Run example Azure IoT Hub example). I hope someone can help me out!

Dear Customer,

Here is my Logical Devices Settings. please check yours setting. Appreciate you provide the pictures, if it still does not work. thanks.

best rgds

Seeed Techsupport Team


Dear hong.jiang!

As we’ve found out this is a bug in release build uploaded to your github. Please take a look at this issue:


We fixed the issue and please refer to latest thanks.