AWS SEEED IoT 1-Click Button not registering with WiFi via iOS app

Sadly no progress on my end. Still looking at the 4 buttons that don’t work next to my desk. Had to give up on the project because I couldn’t see any way for us to scale this for production.

Great! thanks for sharing.

Just a quick update. I have tried at length to get my two buttons to work and I am running into the same problem. I did have success using the test WiFi SSID and PSK:

SSID: TE_TEST PSW: 123456789

It seems very clear to me that the app is broken and is not able to commit the changes to the button over bluetooth. I have emailed looking for support.

Similar issue. Even if I manage to get wifi to work, device is still never successful for the final claim/click step. For both Android app and AWS website. Only white flashes and then eventually red, then nothing.

Its great that the AWS 1-click app also has typos/grammar issues at the step that it fails on “Click each device once and wait the light turning (sic) green.” I feel like no one actually cares or checks that this stuff even works.

2023 and having the same issue.
with no error code or messaging this is very frustrating.