AWS Seeed IoT 1-click button network configuration help

I am able to get the button to work on a wide-open network. As soon as reasonable rules are in place, the button is no longer able to function (purple flashing LED), despite all the ports that are visibly used by the button being allowed (443 and 8883).

What additional port configurations are needed to allow the IoT button to work in an enterprise environment?

Where is the documentation that covers the actual requirements of the network for this button? AWS itself does not seem to have information on what ports need to be allowed for the button to communicate properly with their servers. Are we to just let it use a wide-open network?

While I’m here, is there a factory reset ability for the button and what is it?

Hello, you can refer to this user manual about AWS:

That pdf addresses nothing that I asked about in my post. If you have the knowledge, please describe what network configurations pertaining to ports and protocols the seeed device requires. Also, please answer yes or no for the ability to do any kind of factory reset. Again, no mention of either in the link you provided, it is not helpful.

Hi,tonyvy!I hope you forgive me.I am very sorry that I did not understand your question clearly in English as my second language, please understand. The buttons of this product cannot be restored to factory Settings; In addition, I understand that you may add a rule to cause the link to the AWS server, this related problem can be found on the AWS cloud, the keyword should be: button; I have seen the code written before using 443 and 8883, should be enough!

I agree 443 and 8883 should be enough, but on a hardened network with those ports open, traffic never even makes it to the firewall, so there must be something missing.

Keyword ‘button’ typed into AWS leads to IoT documentation. I dont think this applies to this Seeed button, because nowhere on the official site, this forum or in the button documentation you provided does it show how to access the command line of the device, how to load files onto it, what OS it has or what language the device supports. If this information needs to be known, please inform me, as AWS IoT requires a connection kit to be downloaded in order to proceed setting up the device through that service. All of these steps seem to be assuming a Raspberry Pi or some similar IoT device.

This is why I assumed IoT 1-Click is the only method, as that is what is specifically mentioned on the AWS page on officially supported buttons. This is just a button, and if it is meant to be quite complicated to setup, then I am expecting more manufacturer documentation.

Please provide any specific code that is known to be supported that I can inspect, instead of speaking generally which has not lead to any change or resolution yet.

Is the Seeed IoT button tied to 1-click only? I am unable to add any of my dozen different DSN’s to AWS IoT as source for Lambda trigger configuration, says invalid for each 16-digit device serial numbers I enter in order to generate certificate and keys.

Hi,tonyvy!you said:‘I am able to get the button to work on a wide-open network.’ It is possible to connect to the server in a network environment without a firewall? So it is still caused by some configuration of the firewall.You can check this web,i hope it can help you!