AUTO trigger - problem

Hi to all!

I have new user of DSO203 and I have some problem with it. I have use DSO201 before and I was happy with it … so I have decide to buy DSO203 because of sample rate and 2 analog channels.

Now I have problem with 203 because I can’t see what I want to see on it … my main problem is Auto trigger option, it’s doesn’t work as on DSO201.

I have some serial data (TTL 0-5V) which is repeating every 500 ms. If I setup my DSO203 to NORMAL trigger, I see signal every time when uControler sending something, but when I put it on AUTO trigger, I don’t see anything.

I have setup trigger, voltage and time base and like I seas in NORMAL or SINGLE trigger mode works perfect but in AUTO nothing happens. If I press run/hold button, sometimes in AUTO mode signal is shown once on display and after that nothing again.

I was search on your forum and I see that there is some problem with it, but without any solution. So I was just wondering, is it possible to do something to make it work?

If I connect to signal generator then works in AUTO trigger mode, but when signal repeats every so, then it is doesn’t work.

Any suggest? Thank you very much for any help.

On DSO201 I have use BenF 3.61 and it was pleasure to use it … so I’m start to missing my old 201 :cry:

DSO203 - HW 2.7, SYS 1.52, APP 2.53 (when I have buy it it was HW 2.6 but after upgrade it now says 2.7 is that ok?)