Audio channel shifted on Respeaker 6Mic array board

Hi there,

I’m using Respeaker 6mic array board with RPI4.
I was able to install the driver of 6mic array baord, and I was able to use “Audacity” by wiki page’s document.
In Audacity, the mic 1 signal is recorded on track1 and the mic2 signal is recorded on track2.Similarly, the mic6 signal is recorded on track6.

Next, I ran a simple test application. It’s simple one that outputs a mic3/4 signal to the out L/R(1/2).
However, the signal output from the test application will output a different microphone signal each time the application is executed.
It may output a mic3/4 signal, or it may output a mic1/2 signal. The result will be different each time I run it.
It seems that the input signal is misaligned.

Similarly, the output signal shifts each time it is executed. The output L/R may output a 3/4 slot signal or 5/6 slot signal. It will be different each time I run it. (I try to output different test signals to 3/4/5/6/7/8 slots).

I want to solve the problem of this audio channel shifting.
Please give me some advice.

Hi @ohtsu:
did you use’ arecord -c 1 'to test the record function?

arecord -c 1 test.wav //record channal 1 
arecord -c 2 test.wav //record channal 2

Hi @Hansen -san.

I tried arecord command by your advice.
The recorded file was correct.

I think the hardware is correct.
And I think that the source code of the test application needs some description for channel synchronization.
But I don’t know that…

I have the same problem. Did you find a working solution in the end?