Atmel have made a bigger rom and ram
Pin compatible chip
And there already a bootloader and ide version compatible whith it
So wanted to know are you planing on adding it to the depot and if so when?

We have Seeeduino 2.0 alpha with Atmega328 in place already, but this chip resource is not so ready for mass production. Will be likely to be available in Feb. :wink:

Any update on this?

Yes? No?

yes, we are working on it
no, we haven’t got it

Any idea on a rough time-scale?

1 month? 2 months? 3 months?

1-2 months, maybe faster than expected:)


I just ordered a duomeneove but I would have ordered the seeduino 2.0 if it were out.

Will it include some of the other modifications like automatic power switching, as in the duomenenove?

It seems to be hard to find the TQFP version of the 328, I’ve been looking myself for a couple projects with no luck.

I think they are not in HVM yet, all orders are backorder to middle of June. However Sparkfun are having some for Arduino Pro now:)

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