Assistance in setting up the Seeed XBee Shield V2.0

Hello all. I recently purchased two of the Seeed XBee Shield V2.0 shields and i had a couple of queries:

  1. On the the wiki page there is no demo code for the shields, can the Software serial code be used?
  2. Is the maximum current supplied by the on-board 3.3v regulator more than 200ma to use with the xbee pros?
    My hardware is
    -4WD controlled with 4 speed controllers (using servo library)
    -Arduino Uno (will be replaced with Leonardo for more analog inputs)
    -1602LCD Display for telemetry
    -Xbee series 1 1mw. (will upgrade to series 1 pro)
    Arduino Mega 2560
    -Xbee series 1 1mw. (will upgrade to series 1 pro)
    -temp sensors, light sensor, sd card module (not shield), real time clock
    Thank you! If there will be any more advice that anyone can provide that will be just great!

Because of lack of demo code, i bypassed the rails by removing the jumper caps and connecting jumper leads from any of the TX and RX pins from the shields to the arduino’s Rx, and the shields rx to arduino’s tx.
I then used this test code to make sure it worked (turns on an led when you push a switch). Hopefully this helps anyone who is trying to get them to work. link to test code of led xbee control: … /?ALLSTEPS.