Assistance getting things started with Seeduino Stalker

First, an apology, I don’t find the documentation very informative on setting up for programming.
Tools I have are a TTL-232R-3v3
Will this work, if so please illuminate me on the hookup
If it won’t, please tell me what I need or provide some detailed pointers
I’m about ready to remove this platform from my mix of potentials

To program stalker you need something uartsb with a matching cable very simple. … ?cPath=109 <---- Link to UARTSB
connects right up using jumpers with a ribbon cable or jumpers… the programing in simple
using Arduino IDE and selecting Deumillanove 328 board selection
there is another adjustment to the boards file that solves the serial connection problem but thats available on the wiki, … no_Stalker

hope that helps.

I have a FTDI cable that I use for programming other Arduinos. It seems like it performs the exact same function as the UartSBee board. Can I simply use my cable as long as I verify that the pins orientation is correct?

Yes you can match/switch the pins from ftdi to stalker. You don’t need the xbee adapter

Can you tell me which FTDI pin becomes DTR?

Edit: After a lot of digging I can answer my own question, for the benefit of anyone else programming the stalker by FTDI for the first time.

The green FTDI wire (RTS) becomes DRT.

This link was very useful.

You need to cross the TX-RX wires, (yellow-RX becomes TXD on stalker; likewise for orange-RXD).

The brown wire (CTS) can be left floating (not plugged in to anything).

For windows, you are supposed to need to change the COM port Set RTS on Close setting under the hardware (explained in the arduinoPro link). No such changes were required for mac, but I did have to install the FTDI VDI driver (