ARM DSO 203 v2 Versus Seeedstudio

:unamused: Sorry for this very newbie question, but I found this on eBay:
This is an ARM DSO 203 v2 Portable digital oscilloscope 4 channel

:question: It it the same thing of Seeedstudio’s DSO Nano Quad?
What are the differences?
Isn’t DSO Nano Quad still a beta product (beta in both hardware and firmware)? How can be on eBay a similar product that is not a beta?

:confused: I thought DSO Nano products (V1, V2, Quad) where all original products designed and built by Seeedstudio both in Hardware and Firmware. Am I wrong?

:blush: Sorry again, I think other people asked this, but I could not find any post related to this subject nor I could understand it from Seeedstudio website.


Woah… this is weird…
Found these pictures on the Ebay listing…

Guys, these questions repeat a lot lately. Seeed isn’t the author of any DSO but I think they send some feedback to the authors and act as distributor for international audience. See the post: viewtopic.php?p=5796#p5796

There is Chinese forum with more information where actual designers of the Quad are posting: viewtopic.php?p=5408#p5408

Personally I think people at Seeed should be more clear about it since it’s apparently consufing many people (and they are Seeed customers after all).

It depends on what seller you trust more, I ordered before from Seeed so I preodered the Quad here too. There were other shops showing it, maybe people have experience with them so they order there. The ebay listing states they’re out of stock and will be ready later in April which I guess means they will get next batch from the factory.

DSO Quad and 203 are both designs from e-design, owner of Seeed Studio is in charge of international distribution since DSO Nano. Beta test kits (unassembled) are distributed to Chinese community too, a very small part of them are assembled and resold in ebay which we consider gray market. They are the same origins, but the package and accessories are different. Unauthorized units not officially supported for warranty.

This 300 pcs batch are for beta testing purposes too, we are consolidate the inputs from both community for better products. The source files are been translated to English and will send out soon, a draft manual will be released too.

Thanks for lifting the confusion!