Are the UART and USB OTG independently operatable?

I want to get the raw data of mics of all the 6 channels. Since there is no debug port like JTAG on the board, I’m going to use USB OTG as the data interface and the UART port as debug info interface. my question is

1、By which image it is possible to configure the UART and USB OTG for seperate use, and how to do it?

2、Is the USB OTG configured to run on 480Mbps mode by default after the burning the image?

Hi Customer

  1. we can use the UART port(number 5 in below picture) - This is the hard way to access the console, it can be used for debugging low level issues.

  2. we can use OTG port to connect to USB driver. the speed depends on the both master and slave devices. for the respeaker core v2.0, the OTG is usb2.0. thanks.

    Seeed techsupport team


Thank you for your reply. I'm sorry not to say the question in a clear way, but my question is now the image sets the usb otg mapped to the uart output(bash command line) , how to decouple this binding ?

It depends on how the kernel you are running maps the OTG and UART to systems console. Short answer is typically no. When OTG instantiates the connection, it maps the UART to it via a serial to USB driver. If however they have mapped multiple UART inputs to different GPIO’s then it is possible.

I just use OTG as it is simple and rarely need to get to the bootloader area that the UART will expose easier.