Are Grove Male Plug and Pins Available?

Where can I find male Grove plugs and pins? I need to be able to make custom cables and while the female headers are commonly available, I can’t find the plugs and pins that mate with them.

Hi @shepardb, Please check these.

Thanks salman, but what I’m actually looking for are the male plugs that mate with the female headers you linked to. The headers are commonly available, but I need to be able to make custom cables that plug into the headers.

If you are looking for a match to the “4-pin, 2.0mm pitch, Grove Female Header” and google “4-pin 2.0mm pitch male connector” you should be able to find what you need.

I wish it were that easy. There are many "4-pin 2.0mm pitch male connectors” (e.g. JST PH), but they’re not compatible with the proprietary Grove connector. Adding “Grove” to the search doesn’t help either as it comes up with female headers or people looking for the same thing I am. I have only found one vendor in Europe, but shipping is cost prohibitive.

@tkudog, if you’re able to get a result from that search (other than, please post a link.

I stumbled upon this at Adafruit: JST PH.

The description says “Even though this is a JST PH connector, it will fit into a Seeed Grove connector and have the right matching wires as well.”

And has a link to JST PH

I really appreciate you taking the time to look into this. I recently purchased a set of JST PH connectors from Adafruit that said “Compatible with Grove!”. They are not compatible. The pins have the same spacing, but are not vertically aligned in the connectors and the plastic tabs and slots that ensure correct alignment are not at all the same. A JST PH connector won’t physically fit in a Grove header. I emailed Adifruit asking why they made this claim and got an automated response to post on their forum. I posted to the Adafruit forum as well and it has gone unanswered.

I have the same problem finding those male connectors. The closest I found so far is the JST PA connector but it is not really satisfying.
Seeed does not seem to have any drawing or specifications regarding that connector type. It would be very helpful if I just could buy the connector and the crimping tool.


I update the post. I am looking for that connector and crimping tool also.