Are Bluetooth Shield and Small e-paper shield incompatible?

I purchased the small e-paper display here.

I also purchased the bluetooth shield here.

Each appears to function on its own, but when I try to use them in tandem, the e-paper shield stops functioning. The light shines green on the shield, but nothing updates. I can still use the bluetooth shield just fine.

Are these shields incompatible? The one thing that I do notice is that the ICSP headers on the Arduino Uno are not picked up by the bluetooth shield, as the antennae is in this spot. The e-paper display does have a female end for the ICSP headers. Could this be the issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I like both of these products, and I’d love nothing more than for them to work together. :confused:


Yes, your surmise is right, the small e-paper shield need ICSP port connected to Arduino, so if you plug e-paper shield onto Bluetooth Shield, the e-parer shield can’t work.

By the way, the e-paper has occupied almost all digital and analog pins,include digital 3 to digital 7, so if you wanna use them together, the bluetooth shield need to use analog 4 and analog 5 as the software serial pins.

More detailed information you may refer to the schematics of them.

Good luck

Good to know. Thank you!

Can you explain how to set which ports the bluetooth shield communicates over to the analog pins? The jumpers on the board appear to be digital only.

I re-read your post. I’m pretty sure I can do what you are saying like this:

#define RxD A4
#define TxD A5

I could really use a response here. I understand how to set A4 and A5 as the SoftwareSerial pins. However, I have no idea how to get that to work with the board. There are no jumpers for A4 and A5. Would I need to fashion some jumper wires to go from the Grove input tied to those two ports out to the BT_TX and BT_RX jumpers?

hey, maybe you need this cable : 1 Pin Female-Male Jumper Wire 125mm ( … Path=44_47)

Connection is as the picture showed.

Good luck

Thank you for your response! I have looked into that, but remember that I will have the e-paper shield sitting on top of the Bluetooth shield. The e-paper shield has no female headers that I can use, and the headers for the Bluetooth shield will be occupied by the e-paper male pins. That is why I was considering using the Grove connector. The other issue is the low clearance with the other board. I may have to fashion some sort of intermediate breakout board between the two. I still have to figure out how to reroute the ICSP pins anyway.