Are any of the new shields compatible with the Arduino Due?

I have two of the new series of shields (the TFT Touch Shield 2.0 and the Music Shield 2.0).

I have to assume that since the Arduino Due is not mentioned in the wiki pages for either of these that these two shields and perhaps all of the new shields are still incompatible with the Arduino Due.

Is that true? It would help if someone from Seeedstudio could clarify this.

If the Due is unsupported, what are the issues holding back support of it on new boards? Isn’t it simply a matter of respecting the reference voltage (IOREF) in all cases, so that a shield will use either 5V or 3.3V I/O as needed?

Hi , the libraries for Due are not compatible Music/TFT shield , such as software library, maybe you can refer to Arduino forum to search more information , but we don’t have a solution now.