Ardupy uf2 can not be installed on Wio Terminal

I had initially installed circuitpython on my Wio Terminal and now I want to use Ardupy after all.

When I copied ArduPy_wio_terminal_lastest.uf2 into the Arduion USB-Device, the Wio Terminal restarts and shows the drive CIRCUITPY again.

Besides, under Arduino the display stays completely black, even if the software runs correctly.
Under circuitpython only the text output (with print()) is displayed. Here I can not switch to graphics mode with displayio.

Need help - can’t get any further.

Hi @peter.filz
If you erase the flash on the Wio Terminal and copy ArduPy_wio_terminal_lastest.uf2 into the Arduino USB-Device, the Wio Terminal will restart and show the drive ARDUPY.

You could erase the flash by running the following in the Wio Terminal using Arduino IDE.

#include <sfud.h>

#define SFUD_DEMO_TEST_BUFFER_SIZE                     1024
static uint8_t sfud_demo_test_buf[SFUD_DEMO_TEST_BUFFER_SIZE];
static void sfud_demo(uint32_t addr, size_t size, uint8_t *data);

#define SERIAL Serial

void setup()
    while(!SERIAL) {};
    while(!(sfud_init() == SFUD_SUCCESS));
    /* erase test */
    const sfud_flash *flash = sfud_get_device_table() + 0;
    uint32_t addr = 0;
    size_t size = sizeof(sfud_demo_test_buf);
    uint8_t result = sfud_erase(flash, addr, size);
    if (result == SFUD_SUCCESS) {
        SERIAL.println("Erase the flash data finish");
    } else {
        SERIAL.println("Erase flash data failed");

void loop()

Open serial monitor inside Arduino IDE after the code is successfully uploaded.

Make sure to install the following libraries beforehand:

Best Regards,

Thank you very much. That worked. I have now been able to bring the display to life with Ardupy.

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