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ArduinoPhone is a simple wireless phone, which has the simple functions of wireless phone, such as calling, receiving a call, sending and receiving texts and time display.
Communication function can be achieved through GPRS Shield, and display function through TFT Touch Shield. A complex firmware is applied to realize UI management, with the functions of click and swipe.
The difficulties are:

  1. UI management
  2. Keypad alphabet input
  3. Screen swipe effect
  4. Serial port data process

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gprs button.jpg

1 Modules
 Arduino/Seeeduino
 GPRS Shield
 TFT Touch Shield
 Grove – RTC
 Self-madec7.4V Lithium battery charging board ( circuit diagram will be shown), can also use 9V battery as power supply.
2 Hardware Connection
GPRS Shield communicates through hardware serial. TFT Touch Shield is V1.0 (non-SPI interface). With simple code modification, it’s compatible with TFT Touch Shield V2.0. Grove – RTC use I2C interface.

Is there enough memory left in the Arduino Uno to support adding audio and basic voice call functionality? I am interested in this to build an Arduino cell phone. is it doable? if so, which Grove parts would you recommend to add voice functionality to it.

PS that’s a really nice project.


The GPRS has the function of audio and voice call. And I will post all libraries later,everyone who are interested in it can have a try.

We have posted the libraries on github:

hey man , the attachment is in Chinese, do you want me to translate it to english by google?

Hey little boy, do you want to counteract my efforts, :smiling_imp: i must give you color see see :laughing:
by the way, the man upstairs is author of Arduino Phone, and he is a Fatty. :sunglasses:

What is the RTC for? Just so the phone has a clock?

You should sell a kit of this. I would surely buy it!

of curse~ as a phone , there should be a rtc to show the time! :laughing:

Makes sense. I’m going to make one of these, because I hate my current phone.

hey,you can use those products to make a phone.

you know , we are so many electronic phones , but more faster the world goes on, more smaller the phone will be :cry: so we need a bigger one :smiley: :laughing:

and we enjoy the process of making.

en,but the shell of Arduino Phnoe is made by our 3D printer~~maybe you can make a more bigger and beautiful shell

by the way , 3D printer is a very amazing machine~~

I’ll have to buy one of Radio Shack’s project enclosures. But, I do need the schematic for your battery charge circuit.

Hi, i have posted its’ schematic attachment on previous page,you can download it.

And the following attachment is PDH file of schematic.
PDF of (45 KB)

there 's some problem that the battery was 7.4V, it 's not usually. Or you can refer to the ripo rider, the you can use 3.7V battery.

I just downloaded the Zip file and i tried opening those arduino source codes but they are in blank… it has no content???

Oh, what is the “GPRS Button” for? Does that make the phone work as a modem when connected to a PC?