Arduinome 128 and more!

Well I’ve been MIA, was taking a break from electronics it was eating up my mind LOL. Since it’s getting into winter now I need more indoor activities that means electronics. I’d still like to distribute my Minimega design maybe as a kit here and I also just finished my Arduinome 128 only after about 8 months!

Here are some pics…

and a vid…

Can’t access the images, please contact for more details the service:)

Thanks for the great work!

that looks pretty amazing. i think monome guys are going to steal your idea and use it on the next versions.

LOL maybe, that’s ok, it’s open source anyhow. I’m working on a board for arduinomes too. I’m also working on making the minimega all through hole so it’s easier to assemble, well except for the atmega and the FT232

Just wanted to update this, there is a group buy going on at for the logic board I designed and also the Button PCB for Livid instruments button pad.

Just got to this thread:

Here is a pic of the logic board next to an arduino