Arduino Yun + GPRS Shield v2

Hello all,

I’m posting here because I can’t get the But there are still a few things unclear for me.

-The wiki doesn’t mention (if it does, how can I make up this information?) anything about pin configuration. Should I bridge certain pins on the shield or don’t connect certain pins at all with the yun like with many other shields seem to be the case? At some example case I saw it was necessary in order for the GPRS shield to auto-power.
-The Seeedstudio’s GPRS library (Suli + SoftwareSerial + GPRS specific library) seems to be too big for the Yun’s memory. I tried to use just a subset of the library to test the SMS example, but got stuck, see points below.
-There are so many other 3rd party libraries for GPRS functionality, I don’t even know where to start with those…
-Many libraries with example code don’t even use simcard pincodes to be able to connect with the network. Is it implicitly meant to disable the simcards pincode functionality at all? I don’t want to do this, because I want to use Yun’s in the field and need the simcard pincode’s ‘security’.

When I tried multiple libraries, all sketches did not pass the ‘connect to GSM network’ phase, they all hung at ‘connecting’. I’ve tried multiple delays after trying to connect for the first time, I’ve tried to force an error by not providing any pincode at all, or the wrong one. This all did not work. I also tried the simcard in a regular cellular phone and was able to connect to the carrier network within seconds.

Finally, Googling with (a random combination of) search terms as “Arduino Yun GPRS GSM Shield Seeedstudio” unfortunately did not end up with the information I need.

I guess I’m at my wit’s end… :unamused:

Anyone? Can somebody at least point me to some explanation on how I can figure out what the pin configuration should be between the Yun <-> GPRS Shield? :slight_smile: