Arduino Yun Compatibility

I am looking for advice on how compatible the SeeeduinoCloud is with the ArduinoYun.

I have a custom board that a friend of my developed that plugged into the Arduino Yun. The Arduino has since died and I purchased a SeeeduinoCloud as a replacement. The problem is when I connect a battery pack to the custom board, the Seeeduino does not power up like the Yun did.

Just wondering if there are any differences between power pins in the Seeeduino???

As a side note, the custom board works when powered from USB, but I require 12V so powering via USB is not an option.

Excuse me for lack to technical knowledge. I am just trying to get the device to work like it previously did.

Hi there,

both of them use ATmega32u4 and the Atheros AR9331. they use the standard arduino pinout, 5v working voltage.

do you mind posting about the whole hardware setup?

or can you power the seeeduino cloud through usb cable individually? here is the wiki about

you can download the blink program and see if it works.

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