Arduino Yun + Arduino Uno + SeedStudio NFC v2 connected

Hi. when the arduino uno(master) + seedstudio nfc v2 shield sent message to arduino yun(slave), the arduino yun(slave) does not recieve any message. Arduino uno(master) and arduino yun(slave) works fine, but, when arduino uno (master) is connected to seedstudio nfc v2 shield, it does not send message to the other arduino yun(slave). what does the cause of the problem? i need the arduino yun since it send the receive data from the arduino uno + seedstudio nfc shield v2 to amazon rds. we use the temboo and choreo for that

*i know that master/slave uses i2c and seedstudio nfc shield uses spi.

can anyone has the same problem? if yes, how do you solve it?