Arduino URM37 Ultrasonic Distance Measurer Library [V1.0]

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m pleased to announce my Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Library for use with the URM37 device available from Seeedstudio.

For installation instructions please visit my instructions

You may download the library for the from here

If you require any support or additional help, feel free to leave a post below.

URM37_V1.0.rar (30.1 KB)

great! Im going to have to get one of these and play around now. thanks for posting it!

Hehe no worries. There’s a distinct lack of assessibility for these little devices. They are so cool to, you can do lots of very interesting projects with them.

I’ve seen so far:

  • 3D Mapper (this is on my list. I’m almost finished… Sadly, I’ve got a degree to finish)
  • Thermin (Makes various noises depending how close you are to the module. Handy for making ghostly noises of old)

Something I’d really REALLY like to try… REAL TIME 3D motion detecting. Multiple sensors at various points in a room/garden/etc feeding real-time distance scans. You can build up a 3d picture of an area.

That would take some time to do though. Still, imagine that!

Very cool, I have yet to play with one of them.

Nice work :slight_smile: Added to the product page!

Hi ESP, thanks there’s some more changes to come which should make it far more efficient to use :slight_smile:

I believe the version you’ve put on the Depot is an older alpha version. The version you want to link to/host is … 7_V1.0.rar

I would also suggest throwing a link to this post as my wiki explains the installation and various other topics.