Arduino Uno R3,SD Card 3.1 and Ethernet Shield 1.1

I purchased the SD Card and Ethernet shields to use on a project on my Arduino but I guess they all won’t work together because of pin conflicts? When I try to use both I get “server is at” message.
Ethernet Shield uses d2,d3,d10,d11,d12,d13.
SD Card uses. d10,d11,d12,d13. I wish packaging would point out what pins so not to waste money. I also wish the packaging for SD card mentioned it would not work with 32GB cards.

Hi,you can see the which pins have been used under Interface Function on our wiki:(

D10 – Used for CS of SPI
D11 – Used for MOSI of SPI
D12 – Used for MISO of SPI
D13 – Used for SCK of SPI

And the Specifications are listed on the home page.( … th=132_134)

Do you have any better suggestion about how to display parameters more clearly?Welcome to show us your feedback.