Arduino UNO + Bluetooth Shield

I’ve picked up the Shield in order to send/receive data from either a Windows PC or Android device. I’ve followed: … _Windows_7 as best as I can but can’t seem to get the Arduino/Bluetooth to receive data at all. I’m able to output data and read it on the pc/phone using BlueToothSerial.prin() in my code just fine. However I may have had the TX/RX pins connected backwards.

At first I was using BT_TX > RX(D6) and BT_RX > TX(D7) With this setup I can receive data but not send from PC/Phone. After looking at the wiki again and again, I noticed I may have it backwards so I flipped to: BT_TX > RX(D0) and BT_RX > TX(D1) and now my code doesn’t upload while the Shield is connected, I get avrdude out of sync error.

So I’m here for any advice, tips, suggestions because I’ve been working with this module for a day or two now and I can’t get it to cooperate. Also do I need to use the jumpers to make the connections to the digital pins or just make jumper wires?

Thanks in advance,

The connection to D6 + D7 was ok…
You must fix your receive-routine. Show your sourcecode so we can help you better

I’m using the Slave.pde given in the examples

Also never mind, I’ve got it working with that code at the moment. Out of curiosity though if I wanted to use the Hardware Serial RX(D0) and TX(D1) can I get rid of the SoftwareSerial definition of the code?