Arduino UART RFID Read HID Card Compatability???

Hi Everyone,

I am a little new to RFIDs. For a class assignment I am building a RFID reader that will read our schools RFID Badges using Arduino. Our school uses HID Global’s 125Khz RFID Tags. I have constructed and interfaced the 125Khz UART RFID RFR101A1M module which I purchased from the main seedstudio website with an Arduino Uno board. I have also written test code that reads RFID Cards and sends their ID numbers over the serial connection (attached below). However while the reader identifies the tags that I bought from the main website (RFR103B2B) it does not read our school ID’s. I tried to do some research and I think that the HID cards run on a different protocol. I was wondering if anyone could confirm or disprove this and point me in the right direction on how to read the HID cards using the RFR101A1M reader component. I am fairly confident this is doable but have not found a solution so any help would be greatly appreciated.