Arduino Studio 1.6.3 with Xadow?


how can I use the Xadow with the current Arduino studio?
how can I import the libraries and customize the examples, so I do not get any compilation errors?
it seems as if the USBCore.cpp and boards.txt not sufficient to deal with the version 1.6.3 to work correctly.

By the way:
There is a German-speaking community for Arduino Xadow?
for the implementation of my project idea of a diving computer I need probably help but my english is very bad.

much greetings,

I’m sorry to tell you that you can’t use xadow via the newest Arduino IDE due to some reasons, please try a older version of Arduino IDE, such as v1.5 or v1.0.5. Thanks.

And now we don’t have a non-English community for customer.


If you are still interested, I managed to get xadow working in Arduino 1.6.3. The files you need are here: … ter/v1.6.3

Thanks for your sharing, i have added it to the wiki of Xadow - Main board.


i have tried it with the new 1.6.4 (make a fresh install, add the files from github) and then i load the UserLed example.
now i get this:

Sorry, now it works.
I had not noticed two things.

  1. To utilize the version 1.6.x should I only the two files for 1.6.3 are not using the other.
  2. I have to adjust not only the Board (in my case Xadow) but also the programmer to “USBtinyISP”.