Arduino Solar Shield + solar panels. Circuits protection by over voltage

Hi everybody,
I has this Arduino Solar Shield: Solar Charger Shield V2.2 - Seeed Wiki
and now I purchased 4 solar panel in order to connect them in parallel to the solar shield

Reading the caution sectionthere is:
The solar shield should not be operated at voltages greater than 5V

I purchased 4 solar panels Small Solar Panel 80x180mm 2W - Seeed Studio

And into the page description I read:

The typical open circuit voltage is around 5V, depending on light intensity. In those bright summer days with clear sky and big sun, the peak OC voltage can rush up to 10V. To prevent any damage to boards that accept a narrow range of input voltage, like Lipo Rider, it’s recommended to check whether the OC voltage is safe before any connection.

How can I prevent to burn the Solar Shield?

Please refer to the content here.

I think he asking how to limit the 10v max solar out to 6v max solar in

i guess he just gotta keep fingers crossed and hold mouth right