Arduino Shield PCB Size

A typical arduino is 5.5cm wide… any way you can create a special size for arduino sheilds and boards. Both the smaller Uno and larger Mega would be nice. I dont really want to pay a whole bunch extra just for 0.3cm over the 5cm size.




I totally agree with the OP. This seems like an incredibly obvious pricing policy, especially when you look at Seeeds catalogue of Arduino products.

It would also be nice (though not essential) if you could offer additional colour choices… Seeeduino Red and Arduino Blue.

And of course , you should propose two specific prices for arduino “standard” shield ands arduino “mega” shield.

I kinda wish I would get an official answer on this. A yes, no, or we are thinking about it would be nice.

Thanks guys. Will consider your requests. So, the special sizes are one for Arduino, the other for Arduino Mega. Any more?

Hi guys, I just check the manfuacturing cost with the PCB fabrication house. For small quantity, the cost for 7.3cm * 5.8 cm(Arduino Duemilanove) and 7.3cm * 5.3cm(Arduino Uno) are same with the price for 10cm * 10cm. The cost for 10.5cm * 5.8cm(Arduino Mega) is a little lower than 15cm * 10 cm. So, we may not offer the special price for Arduino Size.