Arduino Shield on the 5x5cm service

I wanted to see if it’s possible to make an Arduino shield on the cheap 5x5 sized PCBs from Seeed so I laid out a protoshield that would fit on the 5x5 cm board.

The two rows of headers pins down to the Arduino is right at the edges of the PCB, but it fits just fine.

So it turns out that it’s quite possible to use the cheap $9.90 service to do shields - if you can fit all your components within that area. Comparing a “regular” protoshield from Freetronics my boards aren’t that much smaller in reallity.

Please read the details of fusion pcb service, and give it a try.

Steve, these boards are actually manufactured by you guys for me just a like two weeks ago. I just wanted to give a thumbs up and tell people that a shield on 5x5 is quite possible.

Some months ago there was a thread about the possibility of getting a special price lower for arduino shield-sized boards since people didn’t think it was possible to fit a shield on the 5x5 service. So I tested to do a board on 5x5 and it turned out just fine.