arduino phone

im new to this and got phone up and looking like it should work but it dont.
i have a UNO and a gprs v 2.1 shield and a TFT v 1.0.
i have tested the dprs shield with the sim900.ino test files and it works.
i have sent and got SMS back with the sim900 test files.
but i haven’t be able to with the ArduinoPhone.ino.
how do i know the TFT sheild and software is sending the right thing. because i can’t see it in the serial monitor now. just odd letter?


Please check this recipe link to know completely about the Arduino phone example.

Please feel free to write to us if you have any other queries.


i went a got a tft shield V2.1 now and still can’t get it to work. it looks and acts like it would work but it does not call or send messages. must be the wrong or im missing some of the software. Please post me the software for GPRS 2.1 and TFT 2.1 and UNO code . thanks

if i open a Serial terminal at 19200 i get

ATH // When it Boots up
ATD6016562811; // when i put number in and press CAL

ATH // when i press HANGUP
AT+CMGF=1AT + CMGS = “6016562811” // when i send message

AT+CMGR=1 //when i check messages

if i move the jumpers to HARD serial it will call and receive calls. it also will receive SMS but not send them. So it must be a problem with SoftSerial?