Arduino Nano & BT Shield

Hello all,

First post - questions regarding the Seeed Bluetooth Shield ( … oth_Shield).

I’ve followed this wiki, and have connected the BT shield to my arduino nano (via jumper cables), but cannot get my PC to recognize the BT shield. Uploading slave.pde worked fine, and the serial port claims “The slave bluetooth is inquirable!”, however I cannot discover it via PC.

My concern is how I’m using the BT_RX and BT_TX pins… slave.pde defines RxD and TxD as 6 & 7 respectively. However, I run jumper cables from the BT_TX 7 to TX1(0) on my nano, and BT_RX 6 to RX0(1) on my nano, thus my code would define them as:

#define RxD 0
#define TxD 1

Any suggestions as to why I cannot communicate with the BT shield via PC?


Got the BT module working. Turns out that BT and iOS products don’t mix well. I guess Apple locked down the BT stack to only certified bluetooth products (i.e.

Fairly disappointing that this isn’t going to be useful unless I get an Android device.

Is there a page that lists which devices are supported with the BT shield? BT shield wiki loosely claims:

So it may or may not work with Android devices, but definitely not iOS. Anybody use this shield with a Motorola Droid RZR Maxx, or Samsung GSIII?