arduino mega2560 to rainbowduino help

g’day, i just finished setting up my arduino mega 2560 too 2 rainbowduinos, im having a problem where i cant seem to figure out how to tap into the rianbowduino’s at all, ive got the program ‘processing 1.5’ with the neorainbowduino libraries and such, but when i try to run anything, it just ends up in a pile or errors and for the life of me cant figure out where to go from here, most of the documentation ive read online is just messy or doesnt show me how to do anything, would anyone be able to help me out?

right, so i got it hooked up, but im having problems with being able to upload some firmware, i cannot upload Neorainbowduino firmware onto the rainbowduino but i can upload the controller firmware on the arduino, i cant upload MTXcontrol onto the rainbowduino either :S any other time that i can upload it says upload complete but gives me this error “avrdude get_sync(): error: not in sync”