Arduino Mega to Bluetooth Bee throw UartsBee, is possible?


My question is simple, can I use my UartSBee 3.1 to allow my Arduino Mega to use a Bluetooth Bee?

Uartsbee works perfectly when I use it with my mac, with these connections chain
my mac -> usb cable -> uartsbee -> bt bee

can I do the same but with the arduino? something like
arduino mega -> uart pins -> uartsbee -> bt bee?



The arduino Mega has three serial port, the USB cable has use the serial 0. So you can use the serial 1 or serial 2, and connect to uartsbee -> btee.


Yeah, I know that arduino mega have 3 more serial ports. But my question is how can I connect one of them to uartsbee? Which connections I have to do?

UartSBee have 5 pin, VCC, TXD, RXD, GND and DTR.

I try to get 5V to Vcc connection but the power pin of the bt bee are at 5V too, it’s not scale to 3.3v as it should (with the power switch move to position 3v3).
I’m thinking that also the data lines values to the bt bee are not scaled correctly using uart pins but only if I use the usb port.

Can someone confirm this without burn a bt bee?


First, you should turn the Mega and the UartsBee to 3.3V when you want to let them work at 3.3V. Of course, they work well when you turn the Mega and the UartsBee to 5V ( They must be turn to 5V together ), because there is a 1117-3.3V chip on the UartsBee, and it can supply 3.3V to Bluetooth Bee.

Second, wire up like this.

Mege GND – UartsBee GND
Mege VCC-- UartsBee VCC
Mege RX – UartsBee RX (UartsBee RX connects to the Bluetooth Bee TX when you plug it to the socket.)
Mege TX – UartsBee TX (UartsBee TX connects to the Bluetooth Bee RX when you plug it to the socket.)

Plug the Bluetooth Bee to the socket of the UartsBee.


So the UsartsBee talks fine with the the Rainbowduino in my LED cube project. I’d like to do bluetooth so I thoiught I’d put a BluetoothBee on the Cube board but the cube board is a 5V board with only 5V on the XBee socket. It looks like I might be able to put my BluetoothBee on my UartsBee board and switch the UARTSBee to 3.3v. That turns off VCC to the UartsBee USB chip and provides 3.3v to the Bluetooth Bee which should power it up. It looks like there are resistors on the UARTSBee. Are they enough that I can use the Bluetooth Bee with this project?