Arduino Mega & Arduino Canbus shield

Hi friends,
I’m trying to get the RPM information connect to OBDII input, we use Arduino Mega and Arduino Canbus. The code is below we use :
#include <Wire.h>

// Cooking API libraries
#include <arduinoUtils.h>

// Include always these libraries before using the CAN BUS functions
#include <arduinoCAN.h>
#include <SPI.h>

// Create an instance
CAN myCAN = CAN();

void setup()
// Inits the UART

// Print init message
Serial.println(“Initializing CANBUS…”);

// Configuring the BUS at 500 Kbit/s
// Only allowed in SOCKET 0

Serial.println(“CANBUS initialized at 500 KBits/s”);

void loop()
// Read the value of RPM if the engine
long engineRpm = myCAN.getEngineRPM();

// Print received data in the serial monitor
Serial.print("RPM of engine : ");

I wonder , we have error code or wrong arduino mega&can bus connection? Could you help ?