Arduino Mega 2560 + Can Bus Shield

Greetings to everyone,
I would like to move my bike electric mode by a brushless motor with its driver and I would like to control the entire system with an Arduino Mega 2560 version R3.

I would like to to make communicate all my system with an application on an iPhone via a WiFi-OBDII interface.

I chose the protocol OBD because I would make my system compatible with automotive standards for possible future development of my project.

My problem is due to the fact that the driver communicates in CanOpen protocol, while the interface to the iPhone uses the OBD protocol and several parameters of the driver (in CanOpen) I have to transfer them to the iPhone (in OBD)

I thought to add at the Arduino Mega the Can Bus Shield of Seeedstudio but how do I make exist together the two protocols (the CANOPEN for the driver and the OBD for the iPhone)?

Can I use one of the Can Bus Shield Seeedstudio to be connected to the two buses and then load the appropriate libraries (obviously different for the two protocols) in the software that will administer the Arduino?

In other words, using a single Can Bus Shield, I can do so that the Arduino is works as an interpreter between the two protocols and manages the two Bus?

Alternatively, as you advise me to do?

Thanking you in advance anyone who decides to spend some 'of his precious time to my problem, I greet all.