Arduino IDE thinks my ESP32-S3 is a -C3, denies serial every time

Installed Arduino IDE 2, Python 3.10, Pip, esptool, cp210x USB driver. Initially shows up as ‘DFRobot Beetly ESP32-C3’ beside COM port but Arduino rejects it explicitly recognising the chip as NOT C3 as it first assumed but S3.

So i switched to Xiao_ESP32S3 which is whatnit should have said, but ive also tried serval other opinionsin theIDE, all maintaining it cant complete the connection due to issues with the serial. Windows seems ok . All program’s are cooperative and my Arduino UNO for example is fine with the IDE.

The ESP seems physically fine, lights operational etc and is also labeled correctly but there is certainly an issue with the usbc serial connection.

this is something in windows i think, it happens to me all the time, i have never had arduino ide reject a setup, other than if you try to upload to the wrong board the code may not work, the only solution i have found is to make sure you already have the correct board selected in the IDE before you first connect the usb, also if you delete the unused boards from the config file that may help… I have no idea how it knows what wrong board to select, but i think windows saves the config by serial number of the device, you can try google for reset com port numbering and try that

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