Arduino IDE not reconize GPS LORAWAN HAT

I bought a Lora Hat GPS and made the installation according to the guidelines of the wiki.

At first windows did not recognize the Seeeduino LoRa card because the driver was not signed.

I was able to solve it by changing the advanced configurations of windows10.

I made the install of Seeeduino Stalker 3 in the arduino IDE but the IDE does not recognize the parrot board. Could you please guide me.
[attachment=0]Arduino LoRa Seeeduino.PNG[/attachment]

So I can not send my code to the board
Arduino LoRa Seeeduino.PNG
seeeduino LoRaWan.PNG

dear customer, please help provide the product link. So we can provide better support. thanks.

Seeed Techsupport Team