Arduino IDE for RePhone running on GNU/Linux


I want to contribute to the RePhone comunity with a port of the Arduino IDE for RePhone.

The binaries can be downloaded from ArduinoGNULinux4RePhone.

Please, send bug reports and good feelings to



I’m working on a Raspbian too communicate with the RePhone and I try to install the IDE and move around your files too make them match but I still get compilation error in the IDE, may be you could help me understand why.

I’ll start over from scratch in the week and let you know more precisely about my manipulations.
If you get any advice It could be helpfull.

My last shot will be to make a persistant Ubuntu with a friend on a USB to use it on my mom’s Windowsed Laptop.

Thank you for your work


I would like to help you get started with your RePhone in Ubuntu, just post here all the information you can in order to be able to diagnose your problems.

I tested only F23 and Ubuntu 12.04 (quite old right now) and the IDE seems to work OK on both systems, no need to install any alternative toolchain.

Please, keep posting as long as you make further tests.


Hi again,

I read more carefully your post.

Please, confirm me this point: are you trying to install my Arduino IDE on Raspbian?

If so, you’ll fail, of course. The Arduino IDE in my repository has binaries only for x86_64 GNU/Linux, not for ARM, the architecture of the Raspeberry Pi.

Currently, only x86_64 is supported. But, since the Raspberry Pi and the RePhone shares the base architecture (ARM), maybe your current compiler (from Raspbian itself) would suffice to compile the RePhone code, but you’ll have to change the toolchain at hand or find an Arduino for ARM targets.

Thats more or less what I’ve done to get the IDE working for x86_64. I took the Arduino for ARM targets (i.e. for Arduino DUE) and changed the platform.txt file and prepared an uploader script. The latter can be taken from my repository, but the former should be downloaded from Arduino itself.

Hope it helps.


This is really helpful… Thanks for the contribution. :smiley: