arduino Film - soldering temerature

What solder type and temperature do you recommend?

Also it looks to be a 3.3 volt unit? So 8Mhz as well?

No ICSP header. So don’t brick it. You can’t do a reset, unless the bootload has sequence that can be used to force a new program to be accepted.

For what product please?

I assume the latest beta film device from Seeed. I am still trying to get mine running.

Well so far considering there was only 10 made and they want fast feedback, I assume I would see responses from seeedstudio folks.

Here is my feedback:
I think one is bad. The arduino chip looks like it was badly reworked. If someone will response, I will send the photos.

I sent off the other two to people who will evaluate it and provide feed back in the next week.

The masking work is not there yet.

The manufacturing process need work. Shifted parts and masked leads that took on some solder.

rich, try giving it 3v and pressing the sleep button.

mine seems to work except the battery circuit, and it’s a little iritating that it dosn’t come with a programer. they suggested buying a “uart” programer, but a level converter and one of my antiques works fine, inconvenient tho. a pin header on this thing is bad.

temp is probly 350f+. i centered some of the parts on mine and tined some of the pads the copper was already turning dark. just hope the bare link connections dont grow some green bits.

i’m curious lets see some pics.

Thanks for trying out the samples, since they are very much in the experimental stage, we are prepared to hear some negative feedbacks. Please try soldering from 300C, they are fragile…

Assembling the 10 pcs sample was very difficult, by hand. I assure you a ready product won’t be so. Please advise if any other major concerns in design of shape, arrangement or functions…

Ps, this should be called Seeeduino Film or “Arduino compatible Seeeduino Film” It’s all about trademark. Thanks!

Ok. thanks. I’ll make sure my friends post here with their feed back.
So the one unit that does not look right, do you want the photos?
Did you test it? So I can be sure that I am just noticing the effect of hand assembling it?
I’ll get that other one in someone elses hand.

thats 572f, and 400f is the max for most smt parts. my soldering iron is in fahrenheit.

70/30 solder melts at 183c/361f, but that contains lead.