Arduino Environment Setup (RePhone Core Module)

I have the “RePhone Core Module GSM + BLE” from the Kickstarter.

My award didn’t come with a battery…is it required? When I try to follow the instructions (but skip the battery part) from the following sites I only see a single device show up in Device Manager (MTK USB Port). When I try to run the FirmwareUpdate Utility it just gets to 15% and then fails with either a 498 or 500 error. … ePhone_Kit

Any guidance on if I need to do anything special or a link to a battery if I need to buy it would be great.


Hi Chris,

I’m afraid the Xadow - GSM+BLE reward does not include a battery in it.
But you can still power through the pinout 3(Vcc) and pinout 6(GND) with external power sources that have a voltage of 3.3 ~ 4.2V(no SIM)/3.5 ~ 4.2V(with SIM)

The devices has to be powered first when updating the firmware (see the first step of the driver installation)