Arduino Due + Wifi shield (Fi250) v1.1

Dear all,
I made some development using arduino Due to connect various sensors (analog, digital), solenoids. It works fine … Now, i want to connect my arduino Due with a wifi shield (SKU: 113030004). I made a firmware update of the wifishield using OTA. I now want to make a simple program to test the wifi shield, but I didn’t succeed yet, the wifi shield being not seen. Can you give me details on physical connection (ideally using SPI) and a simple program to test the wifi shield, and be sure it works …?
Thanks a lot

Wifi shield test example is available in the following library link

Please refer the wiki page to know more about this product.

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I already visited this site and the wiki. But, it is definitively not very clear and useful, especially for arduino due … Any other ideas or helps ?
Thank you