arduino bluetooth shield + amarino


I’m trying to use the amarino library to simplify the communication between android tablet and arduino, but i’m stuck already at the first steps.
i have this shield:
and arduino UNO.

i tried uploading the sketch slave.pde to arduino and the device can be discovered by other bt devices and i was able to successfully pair it with my bt dongle on my pc.
the problem i see is that sometimes the green led starts to blink twice fast evey second and other times i see red and another led blinking (that is when the device can be found). and then i reset the device and again just green led…

the other thing is i can’t see that device by using the amarino app on the samsung ace phone (android 2.2), but i can see other BT devices.

Any ideas?

Amarino accept only a special SPP ID. Seeedstudio bt modules send a different one and there are no AT commands to change this ID on the bt module.
If you check the log inside the amarino app you can see this (i think so)…

Led status:
Green led flashing 2 times/second = paired but disconnected
Green led flashing 1 times/second = paired and connected
Red and green led flashing = inquire

ahaaaaaa, thank you for telling me that… i’ve spent a few hours trying to pair the device by using amarino library and banging my head, because it worked with connecting to my PC.
is there a good tutorial on how to use this shield to send/recieve data with a custom android application?

As said before is probably due to some android’s bt broadcomm module bug that does not allow to find Class of device code 0x00.
There is a android application developed for that that you can find here: … hones.html . It worked for some people but must warn that it did no work on my LG optimus one with v2.3.3 android version but might work for others. Hopefully the developer will find a work arround…So far I got a useless shield in my hands for the use i intended to give.

it seems that someone found a solution,120113.msg908562.html#msg908562
if you give it a go please let me know if it worked for you or not :slight_smile: