Arduino based atomic clock

Now that you’re reading I’ll give a bit more information.

I have built a simple clock using an MSF60KHz receiver and Arduino. The breadboard has been working for a long time and it’s time to turn it into a stand alone PCB. The end goal is a stand alone clock that can be plugged into a usb port / phone charger that uses a dangerous prototype board and (sick of beige) case using through hole components and an atmega 328 microcontroller (barebones arduino).

I have designed a PCB using Eagle and am about ready to unleash it into the world, but, before everyone comes knocking the design needs checking. The hardware design needs fully checking before it is ok to start spending money. The software is a minor tweak of currently available software so all I have done is design the PCB.

If anyone with skills in checking designs fancies giving me a hand then please let me know via this forum.


project details are on my website but perhaps I need a few posts before it’ll let them through

hello :stuck_out_tongue:
i have googled the “MSF60KHz” and get to know your main idear. maybe we seeed engneer can hlep you on the checking of schematic. but as in shenzhen ,we may do not have the signal to check all the design. :unamused:

Its a big transmitter. The receiver isn’t quite as big :smiley:

I’ll put the Eagle files on my site at the bottom of the page so anyone can use them (g7kse dot co dot uk/projects/arduino-msf-receiver/)

It just needs a bit of a check to make sure that the Eagle PCB has the right hols, lines aren’t too near the edge etc sort of checks. Much harder to do if you’ve done the design yourself.


en~~~seems good. :wink:

Thanks for checking it over

Anyone after the gerbers etc?

do not find the files in your website… :cry:

Should be right at the bottom of the page here

I’ll also be working on a simple Arduino shield. All it needs is a ‘standard’ LCD shield with an extra header for the receiver linked to pin 7. Easy really


yes, maybe you can use seeedstudio SerialLCD. it is really easy to … _LCD_v1.0b