Arduino + Arduino Ethernet Shield + NFC Shield

I’m new in this field, please make replies to me as a beginner ,
I have a problem in connecting these three items together at the same time (Arduino UNO R3 + Arduino Ethernet Shield v.5 which contains SD Card + NFC Shield v.1)

below is the NFC Shield: … th=132_134

When i put the in the following order Arduino >> Ethernet >> NFC , the Ethernet works fine, but the NFC is not working
When i put the in the following order Arduino >> NFC >> Ethernet , the NFC works fine, but the Ethernet is not working

which means that the shield with the direct connection to the arduino board works fine, and the other one doesn’t work
Please I need advice on how to connect them, and a sample code will be highly appreciated

I know The Ethernet Shield needs to be connected directly to the UNO because it uses the 2x3 ICSP header for its SPI connection, Does the NFC Shield also needs to be connected to the arduino in the same way? how can this be done if it is the only way? if there is another way of connecting the 3 items together how can i connect them?
please tell me what to do, and if there is a step by step guide will be perfect,

here is the situation, Till now, i connected the Arduino then i put on it the ethernet shield and finally i put on the top the NFC shield,
what next should be done??? I tried an example in the Adafruit_NFCShield_I2C Libirary, but it didn’t recognize the NFC shield. please tell me where is the mistake or what is missing with me?

Sorry for the brief problem describing, but i needed it to be clear enough

Please Advice

Hi, maybe you can refer to this website:

And we will fine down our software libraries later.