Arduino and touch screen display

I would like to purchase a touchscreen panel to use with my arduino i have a mega 2560 and UNO
I can use either if it makes a differance
What I am trying to do…is have buttons on the touchscreen that will control
the arduino. for example…lets say i have a relay board controlling lights throughout my shop…well i would like to have 5 different buttons on the touchscreens to control each relay, turning them on or off instead of having to have a physical button, basically i’m making sort of a home automation to start with

Which touchscreen will do this…and is there a tutorial for such a task im trying to do…I cant find any good detailed ones
I’m fairly new to arduino, but understand the basic. I have some code written for controlling the relay.
I just now want to add the touchscreen to control the output to relay



Sorry,We do not have a ready made tutorial for your project.

Thanks and Regards